Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Into the wild

Of the very few times that I gather the patience and effort to complete a novel.
Mostly I end up reading non fiction. And there's a solid reason behind that..

Even though I respect all the amazement, that the imagination in fiction can produce. But, nothing can beat the purity that real life experiences has to offer. There's some assurance that the stuff actually happened or is concrete..
Also, There's awesomeness in what real life can show you or the variety of experiences and things different people and cultures go through.

Into the Wild is a book I wanted to read since long. I had watched the movie and I liked it. But a sub 2 hr watch wont answer all the questions. There are these lots of Whys and Hows? The Perspectives, that were missing.

The book does answer many of them.
It does explains to a huge extent the state or the thought process of a person who wants to shun society and wants to be alone for months together or maybe for life itself. My love for nature and the mountains gets reinforced when I try and relate with some of the thoughts presented. One gets to learn what not to do when you're in the wild. The final learning for me is that there's this yin-yang balance thing about obsessions which should never be broken. The complementary Yin's and Yang's should ultimately lead to happiness.

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