Friday, April 22, 2011

Unix + Marketing

I had a friend who had posted this:
The Microsoft vs. Linux war didn’t help with the disdain toward marketing among software geeks, hackers and slashdotters. It feels good to believe that Windows succeeded mostly because of marketing and money spent by the mega-corporation. If Linux had the marketing muscle of Windows, it would rule the world.

But I thought otherwise. Coz the reality is as contradictory as it looks to the normal eyes..

Mac OS X is a unix based OS, and I guess even Apple has spent huge cash on marketing Mac. And in my view Apple has a marketing overload kind of strategy i.e. they sell everything and anything they can, They add value to some open source product and pitch it fervently to the market to earn cash. Remember the only way which not so geeky chaps could download music on a Mac or any Apple device was iTunes, which proves that they are marketing pros. Also Android is based on a modified Linux Kernel. Same goes with Google Chrome OS. So even google has taken up unix + marketing seriously to counter two huge requirements i.e. the mobile space and the cloud.. iOS which powers all these apple devices i.e. the iphone's and the ipad's is again unix based.. So Unix + Marketing has been tried since a long time with some success.. iOS /Android / Chrome OS might give a definitive answer to the question in the coming future.. Ultimately all these upcoming OSes have their roots in unix so Unix is already ruling the world with whatever marketing has been done upon.