Saturday, May 28, 2011


This post is about an interesting event that happened last weekend..
Its 21/5, ~10pm.. I am returning back from Airport to Gurgaon.. The following are the sequence of events that take place..
  • Me in a shared cab a pretty gal sits next to me..
  • The cab goes from airport to Gurgaon
  • Lots of silence initially...Finally when gurgaon seems to be nearby she asks the driver about some hotel.. Driver doesn't know..
  • I step into the conversation.. She tells me about the place.. Even I dont know.. but I tell her to ask Justdial and give her the no.
  • Fortunately or unfortunately justdial doesn't give out any concrete information..
  • So I call up a friend of mine to know where exactly this hotel is.. And he knows..
  • I tell her about it.. 
  • She agrees to take an auto with me to the metro where.. I had kept the bike, so i tell her about it.. I tell her that I'll drop her to that hotel on the bike .. she agrees.. 
  • So after the auto ride and some talk we head to the bike..
  • Even on the bike I get to talk to her and all.. and even she's like talking rigorously and all, like lot of the gals do..
  • She tells she is an airhostess and is new in gurgaon..
  • She's searching for a PG..
  • The hotel arrives..
  • She says bye..
Eventually I dont get to know her name.. Also I could've given her my cell no. coz I could've search for PGs on the internet and help airhostesses you know.. ;)

But I'm just happy I helped a gal who was lucky enough to find a decent guy like me.. at the night.. or else things can get pretty dirty and bad here in gurgaon/NCR when a gal who's alone meets gone nut case people at night..

Such interesting things should keep on happening.. But I shouldn't be screwing up as I did this time..

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